10 Things To Do While Waiting for Your Admission Decisions
Now that admission applications have been submitted, do you find yourself with more spare time? If you do, Ivy Camps USA is here to save the day with 10 different ways in which to be productive while you wait to get admitted to your dream school.
The Dos and Don’ts of High School Resumes
Looking to have the perfect resume ready just in time for college application deadlines? That is why Ivy Camps USA has rounded up the top dos and don’ts of high school resumes, covering the traditional and new rules.
Ivy Camps USA University Application Success Program
Designed for students seeking admissions to top USA universities Ivy Camps USA offers a unique pathway to help students succeed at every step along their journey into a top university. The University Application Success Program works to help students complete multiple...
Craft An Unforgettable College Admissions Essay
Many colleges include a supplemental essay. Curious to know more about the purpose of college application essays, and their importance? Ivy Camps USA is here to help you craft an unforgettable college essay! 
How to Choose the Right Major in College
Having trouble deciding on what major or minor to pursue in college? Ivy Camps USA is here to help with four different steps that will guide you towards the correct career path in college and life.
The Importance of Exploring Careers as a Teenager
Wondering why a teenager should start exploring different careers and professions at a young age? We have compiled a list of benefits and reasons why teenage students should start exploring careers while still in high school.
How to Master Studying as a College Student
Wondering how to improve and enhance your studying habits as a college student? Ivy Camps USA is here to help you with a list of tips and tricks to help you master studying for any college class.
Becoming An Organized and Structured College Student
Looking to have a more organized and structured university student life? We have outlined five easy and essential tips on how to be organized and structured, especially during online virtual classes.
Understanding Standardized Tests for College
Are you looking to master standardized tests for college? Well you're in luck, we have provided a detailed explanation on the ACT and SAT standardized exams. And we have also outlined five essential steps to follow in order to be successful.
The Importance of Soft Skills for University Success
Wondering how to perfect your college admission applications? Then you're not going to want to forget about soft skills. We have identified and described every soft skill that you're not going to want to miss in order to succeed at a university or college.
The Main Difference Between College and High School
Have you ever wondered what the main differences between college and high school are? We have prepared an outline of differences to keep in mind in order to be prepared when transitioning between high school and a university.
How to Prepare for College While in High School
Wondering what you can do in high school to help you get admitted into college? We have identified four essential steps to take in high school in order to get accepted and succeed at any university.
How did our instructors get into their top US university?

This series follows some of our instructors and how they got admitted into top US universities. Read their stories to learn about their journey and the actions that they took to get into an elite college.

What Universities Are Really Looking For
Ever wondered what universities are really looking for in their applicants? We have listed and explained the five top things that colleges looks for in every student.