Ivy Camps USA University Application Success Program

Designed for students seeking admissions to top USA universities

Ivy Camps USA offers a unique pathway to help students succeed at every step along their journey into a top university. The University Application Success Program works to help students complete multiple steps towards admissions through a combination of group classes and personal instruction. Click on any of the steps below to learn more. Not sure where to start?

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Plan your college application journey with Ivy Camps USA

Get help through your high school journey through application mentorship

Career Exploration classes with elite instructors at Ivy Camps USA

Academic tutoring across all advanced high school subjects with Ivy Camps USA 

Classes at Ivy Camps USA to build skills towards college admissions

Standardized Test Preparation (SAT Preparation, ACT Preparation, and TOEFL) with Ivy Camps USA 

University Application tutoring for Admissions Success

Prepare for University Writing and Life as a College Student

Our academic advisors are ready to help you plan your journey.  Schedule a FREE consultation below or contact us through LIVE CHAT on the bottom right of your screen. 

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