Student Projects

Final Project Presentations From Top Ivy Camps USA Students

Business Projects

Check out these excellent projects created by students in our online business classes

Julia presents her final project, a business pitch for her product called "Bob the Bot."

For his final project, Jiatai presents financial advice for a mock client.

Milos presents his company "Power Bubble," a new way to charge your devices.

Public Speaking Projects

Experience amazing student projects from our online public speaking classes

Zain delivers an insightful presentation about Global Warming.

Gianmarco creates and stars in this awesome YouTube video about Tennis.

Syman delivers his final speech about the benefits of having technology in the classroom.

STEM Projects

Watch students showcase their final project in our online STEM classes

Peyton shares building plans and walks us through his creation on Minecraft.

Amelia shows us two new planets that she created, and shares what it is like on each planet.

Kei shows us his prototype for the auto light switch. Designed to help people with disabilities access the light switch easier.