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Here's what our parents and students are saying about our programming

From our Parents

He was jumping around in excitement and thanking me for this opportunity! I’m baffled because he is tough to please. He’s waiting eagerly for tomorrow!

Rawan W., Mother from Kuwait

It has indeed been a fun camp and I have gotten endless hugs and thank you’s from the girls because of it. So - thank YOU and the Program Leads for the fantastic work!

Sara A., Mother from the UAE

The instructors are SO GOOD!  He was shy at first and they really helped him come out of his shell.  He loves being in a class with other kids and was talking about it all morning.

Nour S., Mother from the UAE

Big thanks to you and your great team! They were super fantastic and really engaged my daughter and stretched her to make her best effort. They facilitated her learning amazingly with great support. Two thumbs up!

Nan C., Mother from Thailand

After just a week, her confidence is on another level. She had the BEST week of camp!

Isabelle S., Mother from Singapore

My 9 year old son loved this program and was excited to attend each day. He has a much better understanding of what it takes to run a business!

Megan C., Mother from the USA

From our Students

This camp was really great because I could be with my friends and create a business that could actually become real!

Johnny S., Student from the USA

This camp is where you go to learn and have fun!

Racheal K., Student from the USA