Our Instructors

Current & Alumni Instructors

Our instructors come from top US universities and are uniquely equipped to provide children with a nuanced educational experience that challenges their creative, intellectual, and emotional capacities.

Amanda, Harvard University
Henry, Harvard University
Ifeoma, Harvard University
Jack, Harvard University
John, Harvard University
Jonathan, Harvard University
Maggie, Harvard University
Myint, Harvard University
Alice, Stanford University
Allen, Stanford University
Liam, Stanford University
Tiffany, Stanford University
Andrew, Brown University
Hana, Brown University
Kolya, Brown University
Luke, Brown University
Marc, Brown University
Madeleine, Brown University
Savianna, Brown University
Simran, Brown University
Yasemin, Brown University
Eliud, University of Pennsylvania
Emma, University of Pennsylvania
Jenna, University of Pennsylvania
Lizbeth, University of Pennsylvania
Talia, University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca, University of Pennsylvania
Terry, University of Pennsylvania
Ariana, Georgetown University
Kiara, Georgetown University
Maxlyn, Georgetown University
Maddie, University of Chicago
Zoe, University of Chicago
Sarah, Northeastern University

Gauri, Yale University
Mayah, Yale University
Natalie, Yale University
Sean, Yale University
Astrid, Columbia University
Lindsay, Columbia University
Johnnie, Columbia University
Susanna, Columbia University
Fiona, Columbia University
Amy, Cornell University
Avery, Cornell University
Chunlu, Cornell University
Courtney, Cornell University
Fengrui, Cornell University
Grace, Cornell University
Julie, Cornell University
Kaelyn, Cornell University
Kayla, Cornell University
Kelly, Cornell University
Keying, Cornell University
Liam, Cornell University
Mouad, Cornell University
Navya, Cornell University
Samantha, Cornell University
Sidney, Cornell University
Stephanie, Cornell University
Tamara, Cornell University
Zacharia, Cornell University
Anika, UC Berkeley
Karen, UC Berkeley
Wesley, UC Berkeley
Benjamin, Binghamton University
Brianna, Wesleyan University
Nick, MIT

Fatoumata, Princeton University
Monica, Princeton University
Nasir, Princeton University
Christie, Princeton University
Ahnili, Dartmouth College
Alexandra, Dartmouth College
Brooke, Dartmouth College
Campbell, Dartmouth College
Jason, Dartmouth College
Jessi, Dartmouth College
Jimena, Dartmouth College
Kyle, Dartmouth College
Madison, Dartmouth College
Melissa, Dartmouth College
Rebecca, Dartmouth College
Regan, Dartmouth College
Steph, Dartmouth College
Franklin, Johns Hopkins University
Hannah, Johns Hopkins University
Juan, Johns Hopkins University
Laura, Johns Hopkins University
Victoria, Duke University
Luke, Duke University
Andrea Ponce, NYU
Anastasia, NYU
Ashika, NYU
Cristina, NYUAD
Nubah, NYUAD
Shaikha, NYUAD
Amina, American University
Nada, American University
Daniel, McGill University
Sophia, Vassar College
Michael, Pomona College