Our Instructors

As a byproduct of their elite academic and professional background, our instructors are uniquely equipped to provide children with a nuanced educational experience that challenges their creative, intellectual, and emotional capacities.

Alexandra H.

Dartmouth College
Psychology & Sociology

Allen T.

Stanford University
Psychology & Education Minor

John H.

Harvard University

Lindsay S.

Columbia University

Marc F.

Brown University
Applied Math

Keying L.

Cornell University
Civil Engineering

Nubah M.

New York University

Sarah D.

Northeastern University
Business & Psychology

Madison A.

Dartmouth College

Courtney D.

Cornell University
Hotel Administration

Kolya S.

Brown University

Liam O.

Cornell University
Human Development

Ashika S.

New York University

Grace L.

Cornell University
Applied Economics & Management

Sophia C.

Vassar College
Italian & Sociology

Yasemin E.

Brown University
Cognitive Neuroscience


We have been lucky to have had a talented team of instructors over the years, and now have a fantastic network of Ivy Camps USA alumni

Johnnie, Columbia University
Jonathan, Harvard University
Julie, Cornell University
Kaelyn, Cornell University
Kayla, Cornell University
Luke, Duke University
Maddie, University of Chicago
Maggie, Harvard University
Michael, Pomona College
Monica, Princeton University
Myint, Harvard University

Anika, UC Berkeley
Brooke, Dartmouth College
Franklin, Johns Hopkins University
Gauri, Yale University
Nasir, Princeton University
Natalie, Yale University
Nick, MIT
Susanna, Columbia University
Talia, University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca, University of Pennsylvania
Sean, Yale University

Zacharia, Cornell University
Amanda, Harvard University
Ariana, Georgetown University
Christie, Princeton University
Daniel, McGill University
Fiona, Columbia University
Henry, Harvard University
Ifeoma, Harvard University
Steph, Dartmouth College
Terry, University of Pennsylvania
Zoe, University of Chicago