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Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

Animals are an important part of our planet. They also live all over the world around us. Each animal has its own role on the planet and allows for the cycle of life on earth to continue. That is why it is so important to learn about the animals around us.

How to Teach Your Kids about Photography
Practicing photography is a great way to teach your child about observation, and get them excited about exploring the world around them. In addition to opening doors to lucrative and interesting career options, photography lessons have the potential to boost your child’s self-esteem through learning a new skill, as well as to...
Developing Self-Confidence Through Public Speaking
Having self-confidence is a valuable trait that will benefit your child in their scholastic and professional endeavors. While public speaking is one of the most common fears, it can be used as a tool to build lasting confidence and eradicate nervousness and doubt.
Best Ways To Teach Your Kids Communication Skills
In the short term, being an excellent communicator can help your kid excel everywhere from the playground to school speech and debate competitions. Meanwhile, in the long term, teaching your child communication skills is sure to generate immeasurable benefits in both their personal lives and in their career. 
How to Talk to Your Kid About Science?
What does science mean to your child? Before you try to grapple with this question, have you ever been inundated with questions by your child such as Why is the sky blue? How deep is the ocean? 
How to Teach Your Kids About Investing

As we tend to grow older, the dark and gloomy question about what to do with the money we have earned lingers over our heads daily. We have tons and tons of extra cash in the bank without a single clue on what to do with it. 

How Can my Kids Make a Video Game?

Many parents may have strong opinions and misconceptions about video games. However, many educational video games on the market serve to support and supplement a child’s academic goals. 

How to Introduce Your Kid to Graphic Design
Our world is inherently stylized by graphic designers, from t-shirts and logos to billboards, book covers, and packaging. A handful of the most famous graphic designers include Milton Glaser, creator of the iconic “I Love NY” branding; Massimo Vignelli, who...
The Importance of Teaching Your Kids About Money
Discussing money management with your children can be uncomfortable, but the pandemic compelled more parents to have conversations with their kids about financial well-being. This data comes from an annual survey conducted by a global investment management firm T. Rowe...
Introducing Your Kids to Engineering
If you think about it, almost every human-made object or structure was designed and created by an engineer. The sidewalks we walk on, the elevators we ride, the phones we use, and even the air conditioning we enjoy were all...
Lego Building Games: Master Your Kid’s Skill through City Planning
Lego has been the fan-favorite icon of block construction and architecture for kids over roughly nine decades. With a spin on the classic wooden blocks, Lego produced colorful pieces more suitable for all ages to enjoy.  And since then, Lego...
Why Is It Important for Children to be Engaged Learners?
Engagement is ultimately the glue that keeps all aspects of student learning and growth together. Not only do engaged students make teaching more fun and rewarding, but it has been shown to have a critical impact on other students.  
How Children Learn Through Play (And Why You Should Encourage Them)
Did you know that there is much more to play than just having fun? It might seem silly that playing and learning have anything to do with one another, but they do! In fact, play provides an excellent view into...
Why is Public Speaking Important for Students to Learn
Many of us have experienced an early school memory of getting up in front of the classroom to do a presentation or oral report only to freeze and forget everything that we had prepared. This is because we allowed our...
Why is Writing Important for Students and Young Children
Writing is linked to everything we do, and along with reading, it is one of the most essential skills children learn. Plus, there is a myriad of benefits of teaching children to write. 
3 Fun Public Speaking Activities for Kids
Public speaking and debate are essential skills for kids to learn and master from a young age. These skills are used throughout a person’s academic and work life. Whether standing in front of a class to present a report or...
How to Transition Back to School After a Break
Looking for tips and tricks on how to achieve a successful return to school after a winter or summer break? Ivy Camps USA is here to help you by discussing routines, extracurricular activities, and much more!
The Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Learning Approach
Interdisciplinary teaching is an approach that integrates different aspects of theoretical methods to examine themes, issues, questions, or topics. Wondering what the benefits of interdisciplinary learning truly are? Read more now!
Get Involved! STEAM Activities to Try at Home
As we approach national STEAM Day, which illuminates the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, we thought it would be fun to provide a list of activities to do at home with your child. Interested in hearing more?
How to Help Your Child Become a Self-Learner
Wondering what the benefits of being a self-learner at a young age are? Ivy Camps USA is here to explain the importance of self-directed learning skills along with some ways that you can help your child reach this level of self learning.
Creating a Global Learning Experience
Curious to learn more about global learning experiences and how to create them? Ivy Camps USA is here to explain the meaning behind global learning experiences, their benefits, and how we incorporate these principles within our different programs.