The Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Learning Approach


You've probably heard the saying, "the world is your oyster." At Ivy Camps USA, that's exactly how we envision education; as a means for students to develop insights, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, knowledge, and a passion for becoming lifelong learners. These real-world skills are imperative for students as they learn to navigate and move through the world. One of the ways to help students develop these skills is through interdisciplinary learning. 

Interdisciplinary teaching is an approach that integrates different aspects of theoretical methods to examine themes, issues, questions, or topics. This approach helps students with their performance inside and outside of the classroom.

Some perks of interdisciplinary learning include: 

Helping students gain multiple perspectives 

An interdisciplinary approach allows multiple perspectives to be studied and enables students to think outside the box and innovate. 

Helping students understand that there's more than one way to solve a problem

Incorporating multiple disciplines into the curriculum provides students with a broader understanding by studying different insights. It also introduces an appreciation for diverse approaches to problem-solving. When students are allowed to take the time to examine different solutions and perspectives, they are better able to grasp the reasoning behind each view. 

Helping students dive deeper into a subject, even when it's challenging 

Sometimes the bigger picture can become muddled and lost. Students will often get frustrated and develop a negative association with a particular subject or lesson when that happens. Interdisciplinary teaching helps students strengthen their research and analysis skills for a broader frame of reference. 

It does this by helping students explore why conflicts occur, what consequences lie behind an issue and how to identify ways to address the issue, problem, or question. Having the capacity to develop this line of inquiry provides context and understanding to the challenges they'll face in the future when trying to solve them. 

The above reasons are why we at Ivy Camps USA offer online after-school classes for kids using inspiration from a traditional summer camp experience to create a unique educational environment. We believe that children learn best through hands-on, critical thinking activities, and our goal is to provide just that. At our camp, our kids don't just sit in a classroom- they play, have fun, and ask questions. They learn to enjoy education and to explore the world around them. Every child deserves an outstanding, well-rounded, global education, and that's what Ivy Camps USA provides. 

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