Why Ivy Camps USA?

Let us help you guide your child to a path for success!

Our History

Ivy Camps was founded by Danny Hundert, who started going to summer camps as a kid and decided to continue pursuing this passion by working in summer camps throughout high school and college. He founded an in-person summer camp in Colorado, which evolved into being able to offer our unique experience to over 10,000 students in 50 countries around the world. Now we also offer a variety of live online classes and camps that empower students to think creatively, build self-confidence and discover their true passions.

How it works

We provide parents with a variety of learning opportunities, ranging from year round live online classes, in-person and online summer camps, as well as a mix of 1-on-1 tutoring options. Most of the programs we offer have specific curriculum that maps back to our certificate pathways, where students get to take a more in-depth exploration of a topic, so that they can gain a higher level of understanding.

If you want to learn more about our format and approach to learning at Ivy Camps, then you can view more detail on our How It Works page.


We pride ourselves on having amazingly talented instructors from top US universities, including Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. Our team is constantly recruiting new instructors to the team, so we can ensure that we have highly qualified individuals teaching each one of our clases, camps, or tutoring sessions. 

Get to know our team in more detail by heading over to our official Instructors page where you can see some of our current staff and learn about their expertise. 


Name: John H.
School Attended: Harvard University
Major: Linguistics


Name: Melissa H.
School Attended: Dartmouth College
Major: Psychology and Sociology


Name: Liam S.
School Attended: Stanford University
Major: Linguistics


Name: Samantha P.
School Attended: Cornell University
Major: Biomedical Engineering


The Ivy Camps team has extensive experience in education technology, curriculum for kids ages 6 - 14, international business, and in-person and online summer camps. Our CEO and Founder, Danny Hundert, attended Dartmouth for his BA and Wharton for his MBA. His educational background at these Ivy League Universities provided the foundation and insight needed to create one of the most amazing academic experiences for children around the world.

See more of our leadership team and get to know what makes us uniquely positioned to provide top quality programs for kids.


Explore our partners from around the world that help us expand our offering beyond our headquarters in Colorado, to other parts of the US and Internationally. These partners have allowed us to bring the Ivy Camps experience to kids throughout the Middle East, Japan, China, Singapore, and dozens of other countries. 

Find out more about our global partners and how they work with Ivy Camps USA.