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Our Partners

British International School of Washington

Ivy Camps USA and the British International School of Washington have worked together for multiple academic years to provide in-person after-school care and holiday camps.

Montessori Academy of Colorado

Ivy Camps USA is the official after-school provider for the extended day program in-person at the Montessori Academy of Colorado.

Nün Academy

Ivy Camps USA and Nün Academy have partnered together to provide our in-person summer camps at their school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Artal Preparatory School

Ivy Camps USA has partnered with Artal Prep to bring our in-person summer camp programs to their school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

St Christopher's School Bahrain

St Christopher's School and Ivy Camps USA have worked together for multiple seasons, providing students with Live Online and In-Person Holiday Camps.

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

In the summer of 2022, Ivy Camps USA worked with Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart to put on a fantastic in-person summer camp at their campus in Princeton, NJ.

ARGAN Bedaya

Ivy Camps USA and ARGAN Bedaya have partnered together to provide various in-person summer camp opportunities in Kuwait.

Repton Dubai

Repton is an international school located in the heart of Dubai. They provide education focusing on the development of the whole child. Repton Dubai works with Ivy Camps USA to provide an in-person learning opportunity for their students.

Sandooq Al Watan

Ivy Camps USA has worked with Sandooq Al Watan's Mawhibatna program to provide extracurricular opportunities for their students.


TAM is a provider of community engagement programs. Ivy Camps USA has partnered with TAM to provide their students with Arts programs to build skills and knowledge in the subject area.

Bina Bangsa School

The Bina Bangsa school and Ivy Camps USA have worked together to put together an extracurricular program for their students designed to enhance subject knowledge in the areas of STEM, business, the university application process, and arts/media.

ICS Addis

ICS Addis provides highly effective education in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ivy Camps USA partners with ICS Addis to provide extracurricular instruction for their students in the subjects of STEM, Arts, and Business.

Hong Kong CDNIS

Hong Kong Canadian International School (CDNIS) is one of the premier private schools in Hong Kong. Ivy Camps works with their administration to provide camps located at their state of the art campus.

Daegu International School

Ivy Camps USA works with Daegu International School to provide extracurricular instruction for their students in the subjects of STEM, Arts/Media, and Business.

Explore Niseko, one of our educational partners

Explore Niseko

Explore Niseko is the owner/operator of lodging, restaurant, and education facilities in Niseko, Japan. Ivy Camps has partnered with Explore Niseko to provide camp programming for those in, and visiting, Niseko.

Ajax Adventure Camp

Voted business of the year by the Aspen Chamber of Commerce, Ajax Adventure Camp is Ivy Camp’s sister camp located in Aspen, Colorado. Ajax Adventure camp focuses on outdoor adventures, where learning is through osmosis.

Ajax Sleepaway

Ajax Sleepaway is Ivy Camps’s sister residential camp providing US and International kids with the opportunity to attend a sleepaway camp high in the Colorado rocky mountains. Activities range from 1/2 miles zip-lines to horseback-riding and more.


Ephebos has been working together with Ivy Camps USA to provide kids in China and beyond with extracurricular programs to extend their possibilities and interests in the areas of business, public speaking, debate, arts, science and engineering. 


The Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) works with Ivy Camps to help provide international opportunities to university students. Through the YIRA and Ivy Camps collaboration more university students are able to travel and work abroad.

Cornell Global Network

The Cornell Global Network student group has worked directly with Ivy Camps for staff hiring and interviewing, research projects, program sourcing and vetting, and other collaborations with like-minded and world-exploring individuals.

Active Kids

Active kids provides extra-curricular programming for Hong Kong & Mainland Chinese children. Their programming ranges from chess to cooking. Ivy Camps partners with active kids for camp program collaboration.

GEMS Singapore

GEMS World Academy Singapore is hosts one of the most diverse student bodies on the planet. Ivy Camps is proud to be the camp provider for GEMS Singapore and offer programming at its brand new, state-of-the-art facilities.

GEMS Education

GEMS is the largest owner/operator of schools globally with 100+ campuses & hundreds of thousands of students. GEMS prides itself on seeing genius in every child. Ivy Camps works with their headquarters group for extracurricular and summer programming.

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