Classes for ages 6-14

Public Speaking
& Debate

Step 1: Learn the Foundations

Emerging as a critical skill for the top leaders of tomorrow, Public Speaking & Debate are important subjects to learn more about. Our foundational class focuses on inspiring student's confidence while building their skills to become brilliant Public Speakers.

Foundational Class Price: $149.00 USD
Next Class Start Date: May 31

Step 2: Apply Your Skills

After learning the foundations, take your student's skills a step further with these courses.

This summer, we will also be having a two-week summer camp also covering the topic of Public Speaking & Debate.

Program Format

➜ All classes are held live and online

➜ Classes are 75 minutes in duration

➜ Classes happen once per week, on the same day each week

➜ All classes will have a small class size between 1-6 students

Our Curriculum

➜ All classes feature curriculum designed by top education professionals with decades of experience in global K-12 education

➜ Our Public Speaking & Debate curriculum is designed to not only provide students with the skills and language ability that they need to be effective public speakers, but also to build their confidence!

➜ Students will leave our public speaking program with an improved confidence in their ideas and their ability to speak in front of others

➜ All classes have students develop a comprehensive final project related to the subject of which they are studying

Our Instructors

➜ All instructors come from top universities in the United States such as Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many more

➜ Ivy Camps USA instructors go through a comprehensive training program designed by our curriculum professionals

➜ Instructors that teach our Public Speaking and Debate classes are trained to provide a supportive environment for students to build their skills

What Parents Are Saying


My son loves this program! Thank you for giving us this opportunity

Marie S.
Parent from the USA

The staff has been a complete dream. They are all so welcoming, understanding, and encouraging!

Natalia R.
Parent from Mexico

My child LOVED this experience! He cannot wait for his next camp!

April T.
Mother from the USA

A Look Into Our Classes

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