Public Speaking
with Confidence

Certificate Pathway for Kids 6 - 14
Certificate Pathway Overview

● Improve confidence and presentation skills 
● Become a better conversationalist
● Learn the art of persuasive debate 
● Students must complete 3 classes to obtain their certificate

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Foundational Skills for Effective Public Speaking - 10 Weeks

Foundational Skills for Effective Public Speaking - 10 Weeks

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About this Class

Interested in building your confidence and ability to speak in public? Then this is the class for you! In this group class, students will learn the foundational skills relevant to public speaking. Throughout this class, they will be practicing those skills and receiving guidance from our fantastic Program Leads! 

All Ivy Camps USA classes have a final project that students work towards throughout their time in their class. In this class, students will be working towards a public speaking showcase that will be held on the final day of this program. 

Students will Learn 

  • What efficient body language looks like and what to do with the rest of the body while speaking
  • Methods for overcoming fears and anxieties about speaking in front of others
  • How to identify an audience and cater a speech to target them
  • Strategies for supporting arguments with strong sources and evidence 
  • Ways to pace a speech and the power of a pause 
  • The confidence they need to approach real-life public speaking scenarios
  • How to apply public speaking skills to everyday situations in school and beyond 
  • How to build their skills in areas such as communication, public speaking, confidence, and creativity

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Frequently Asked Questions

This certification can be used on resumes and portfolios to demonstrate that a student has trained in, and demonstrated high levels of achievement in, Public Speaking contexts.

Absolutely! Just make sure that once all courses have been completed that you submit your list of classes completed for the certificate to

For students in the USA, we will be mailing a physical certificate upon completion. For students in other parts of the world, we will email a certificate that can be printed and displayed.