Science & Engineering

Classes for Kids Ages 6 - 14

Science and Engineering Classes

Pursuing science and engineering classes at Ivy Camps ties into our STEM offering, as children will also get exposure to math and technology, as part of the curriculum. Parents like this option as it helps their children to get insight into multiple subjects, to see if they might want to further their education in one of the subjects as a possible career path.

Students can earn a STEM Certificate when they finish the pathway by completing the foundational class and two additional STEM classes.

Online Class Format

● All classes are held live and online

● Classes are 90 minutes in duration

● Classes happen once per week, on the same day each week

● All classes will have a small class size between 1-6 students


● All classes feature curriculum designed by top education professionals with decades of experience in global K-12 education

● Our Science & Engineering classes teach students how real professionals in the science & engineering fields think and approach their work!

● All classes have students develop a comprehensive final project related to the subject of which they are studying

Certificate Pathway

● All classes count toward the STEM Certificate Pathway

● Complete 3 online classes to qualify to obtain the certificate

● Allow your child to acquire expertise in STEM

Our Instructors

● All instructors come from top universities in the United States such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many more

● Ivy Camps USA instructors go through a comprehensive training program designed by our curriculum professionals

What Parents & Students Are Saying


My son loves his camp! I feel it’s been a great experience for him. He is 6 and this is his first exposure to some of the concepts. The program leads make these concepts so easy for him to understand!

Gregory K.
Father from the USA

Overall, my child liked his classes and teachers and was sad that the classes were over. The teachers did a great job! We as parents did not need to help much during classes, which was also very positive.

Raquel S.
Mother from Mexico

Excellent! My daughter loves Ivy Camps. She absolutely loved attending and I look forward to continue enrolling her.

Katy U.
Mother from the USA

I absolutely loved this class and I learned a lot about STEAM!

Mario L.
Student from Colombia

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