Online STEM

Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics in a live, online setting. All instructors are trained to mentor and inspire your child to achieve, and all instructors come from top 10 universities.

Classes for Ages 6-14

Backyard Biology: Exploring Plants and Animals around you

Discover how plants and animals are all connected in the living world. Also, learn how to do research and data gathering through citizen science projects.

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Design Cities with legos - City Planning

Take your Lego skills and combine them with a deep understanding of urban planning to design your ideal city.

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Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle

Go through the Stanford design cycle (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) and use it to explore a pressing problem facing our world today.

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Ice, Water, & Steam: How H2O Powers Life

Explore the science of water, including states of matter, the water cycle, animal life, soap and shampoo, water in the human body, and more.

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Minecraft & Architecture: Turn Pixels into Castles

Learn how to draw out architectural designs and translate them into Minecraft buildings. Also, learn basic aesthetic and engineering principles

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Physics Building Adventures

Explore concepts of architectural design, friction, force, gravity, and density while problem-solving challenges presented from traditional fairytales.

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Science of Motion & Machines

Discover the science behind some of the most exciting forms of transportation: boats and planes. Explore concepts such as density, gravity, surface tension, and buoyancy.

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STEAM Discovery

Explore the real-life applications of STEAM in our world, including biomimicry, natural disasters, the deep sea, and assistive technologies. Explore a real-world topic students are passionate about and its applications to STEAM.

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To Infinity and Beyond: Exploring Outer Space

Explore different planets in the galaxy and their unique features. Focus on what makes Earth unique and sustainable to human life. Explore climate, geology, space, and astronomy.

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Tour the Human Body

Students will discover the human body’s skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. Students gain a deeper understanding of how the body functions.

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How the World Works

This is a 15-week bundle package. It includes three classes: STEAM Discovery, Science of Motion & Machines, and Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle.

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The Science of Life

This is a 15-week bundle package. It includes three classes: Tour the Human Body, Backyard Biology: Exploring Plants & Animals Around You, and Ice, Water, and STEAM: How H2O Powers Life.

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