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Learn exciting topics such as Public Speaking, Acting, STEAM, Business Creation, & more!

What Students & Parents Are Saying


I was most excited during camp when i got to present my work and observe other student's inventions as well! It was fantastic!

Kalia A.
Student from the UAE

Overall, my child liked his classes and teachers and was sad that the classes were over. The teachers did a great job! We as parents did not need to help much during classes, which was also very positive.

Raquel S.
Mother from Mexico

Excellent! My daughter loves Ivy Camps. She absolutely loved attending and I look forward to continue enrolling her.

Katy U.
Mother from the USA

I absolutely loved this class and I learned a lot about STEAM!

Mario L.
Student from Colombia

Our Curriculum

➜ All classes feature curriculum designed by top education professionals with decades of experience in global K-12 education

➜ All classes have students develop a comprehensive final project related to the subject of which they are studying

Our Instructors

➜ All instructors come from top universities in the United States such as Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many more

➜ Ivy Camps USA instructors go through a comprehensive training program designed by our curriculum professionals

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