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Parents come to Ivy Camps for their Tutoring needs, as we have an amazing team of instructors from top US universities that are trained to tutor kids and cater to their specific needs. Most students use our tutoring services to help them supplement their traditional education and allow them to move and learn at a faster pace. 

We also specialize in helping students who are struggling and falling behind their class, so that they can improve their ability to complete their homework. In addition, parents can use Ivy Camps to help their children with conversational English skills, which is extremely beneficial for our international students.

Private Camp

Private Camp

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Parents often see their children perform better when lessons are in a private group or 1-on-1, which is why this option is so popular at Ivy Camps. It allows children to have fewer distractions and be more focused on their unique challenges so that the instruction can customize their lessons.

Private Camps for ages 6-14 allow you to take our group camps in a 1-on-1 or private group format. Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is scheduled at a time of your convenience. They are perfect for when your child is looking for individualized instruction or for when you want to take a camp with a private group. 

Conversational English Practice

Conversational English Practice

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Ivy Camps USA has helped students from around the world become better at speaking English, by partnering them with tutors who are trained to get positive results. Instructors use fun and engaging activities that help students with grammar vocabulary, and overall confidence when they speak in public.

    Academic & Homework Help for Ages 6-14

    Academic & Homework Help for Ages 6-14

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    This tutoring option is currently not available for purchase. To purchase this tutoring option, please visit this link.

    During the school year, Ivy Camps USA works with thousands of parents to help support their children who need tutoring for specific subjects. Our instructors can tailor their tutoring to your child's unique needs and help them improve in subjects where their performance is struggling.

    We are able to assist your child in any subject that they may encounter in school. Some examples of previous tutoring subjects include:

    • Fractions and algebra
    • Spanish grammar
    • Creative writing¬†
    • Public speaking, spelling, and use of commas
    • The scientific method
    • Biology

    Our tutors are hand-selected to best fit your child's needs. They have the ability to work with your child in just one subject, and also have the versatility to support your child in improving their school performance overall. 

    Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is scheduled at a time of your convenience. After each session, our tutors will provide feedback on how your child performed in the session, what they learned/worked on, and how they can continue to improve. 


      We select experienced instructors from top institutions such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, & more! All of our instructors are trained by educational professionals on our curriculum team with years of experience in effective instruction. Our instructors strive to cultivate a love of learning in all students, and work hard to meet the individual educational goals of each student.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We have a team of amazing tutors and mentors from America's elite universities. We hand-match students with their tutors based on their needs and interests.

      After getting connected with your tutor, you will be sent a Zoom link where your child and tutor will meet.

      After each tutoring session, your tutor will send you a personalized feedback form that includes what was covered, what's next, and any additional information. You are always welcome to sit in on any Zoom session, too!