Clarity and
Precision in Writing

Certificate Pathway for Kids 6 - 14
Certificate Pathway Overview

● Learn best practices for grammar and punctuation 
● Help students hone their non-fiction writing
● Let creatively run wild with fun fiction writing projects
● Students must complete 3 classes to obtain their certificate

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Help your child become a better writer and communicator

Example product

Regular price$19.99
This area is used to describe your product’s details. Tell customers about the look, feel, and style of your product. Add details on color, materials used, sizing, and where it was made.

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Allow your child to further their writing skills by putting them into practice

Frequently Asked Questions

This certification can be used on resumes and portfolios to demonstrate that a student has trained in, and demonstrated high levels of achievement in, STEM.

Absolutely! Just make sure that once all courses have been completed that you submit your list of classes completed for the certificate to

For students in the USA, we will be mailing a physical certificate upon completion. For students in other parts of the world, we will email a certificate that can be printed and displayed.