Business & Finance

Classes for Kids Ages 6 - 14

Business and Finance Classes

Children who take finance and business classes at Ivy Camps tend to have a passion for the subject or are looking to help with a deficit in their knowledge. Parents enjoy when kids complete these classes, as it helps them to further their education and better prepare them for how to deal with financial situations later in life.

Students can earn a Business Certificate when they finish the pathway by completing the foundational class and two additional Business classes.

Online Class Format

● All classes are held live and online

● Classes are 90 minutes in duration

● Classes happen once per week, on the same day each week

● All classes will have a small class size between 1-6 students


● All classes feature curriculum designed by top education professionals with decades of experience in global K-12 education

● Our Business & Finance classes teach students to be innovative in their thinking, and confident in their ability to invent solutions to the world's big problems!

● All classes have students develop a comprehensive final project related to the subject of which they are studying

Certificate Pathway

● All classes count toward the Junior Business Leader Certificate Pathway

● Complete 3 online classes to qualify to obtain the certificate

● Allow your child to acquire expertise in Business and Finance

Our Instructors

● All instructors come from top universities in the United States such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many more

● Ivy Camps USA instructors go through a comprehensive training program designed by our curriculum professionals

What Parents & Students Are Saying


It was an amazing class! I got to learn a lot about business and marketing! We also learned about things we won' t learn at school. It was really fun!

Kaylee D.
Student from the USA

Everyday the instructors make class engaging and satisfying!

Frida E.
Mother from the USA

The program is interesting and my daughter enjoys it. She also likes the instructor who is friendly and fun!

Lily M.
Mother from the USA

I personally think that ivy camps is amazing!!!

Jessica R.
Mother from the UK

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