Arts & Technology

Classes for Ages 6-14

Arts & Technology Classes

Blending creative expression with the latest-and-greatest technology, these classes develop student's abilities to use technology to solve the world's problems and tell engaging stories

What Students & Parents Are Saying


It was so exciting to see the final project that my student created in this class!

Lia Y.
Mother from Canada

I was most excited during camp when i got to present my work and observe other student's inventions as well! It was fantastic!

Kalia A.
Student from the UAE

It was fantastic to get to apply what we learned in class to a real-world situation!

Thomas D.
Student from the USA
Program Format

➜ All classes are held live and online

➜ Classes are 75 minutes in duration

➜ Classes happen once per week, on the same day each week

➜ All classes will have a small class size between 1-6 students

Our Curriculum

➜ All classes feature curriculum designed by top education professionals with decades of experience in global K-12 education

➜ Our Arts & Technology classes develop student's abilities to utilize modern innovations in technology, and get them thinking creatively about how to make the invent the technological solutions of tomorrow

➜ All classes have students develop a comprehensive final project related to the subject of which they are studying

Our Instructors

➜ All instructors come from top universities in the United States such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many more

➜ Ivy Camps USA instructors go through a comprehensive training program designed by our curriculum professionals

➜ Instructors in our Arts & Technology classes are trained to encourage creative thinking and innovative expression for all students in class

➜ Instructors that teach our Arts & Technology classes also receive advanced training in current technologies relevant to the subject of each class

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