How our Program Lead Jack Got into Cornell University

Jack from Ivy Camps USA
My name is Jack, and I come from Cornell University. I think there were several factors that really played a key role in my acceptance. I did have a strong academic background in both grades and test scores, but I definitely feel that there was more than that. I went to a performing arts high school, where I really was able to channel both my love of music as my major as well as develop leadership skills as a key officer in several school groups. I was also an active member in my local community choir and I volunteered at a local dog rescue center as well. In terms of my application, I had two recommenders who had been teachers of mine for years and who I had a personal connection with, and I really believe in the power of those letters that they wrote for me. I am a strong believer in a great holistic application, and I think that was super important for my acceptance!
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Average Global Rank: #22
Acceptance Rate:
Average High School GPA: 4.07
ACT Composite Score (25th - 75th Percentile): 32-35
SAT Math Scores (25th - 75th Percentile): 720-790
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (25th - 75th Percentile): 680-750
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*Stats compiled directly from schools and other top resources. Done by us, so you don’t have to! Information last updated: December 2021