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How to Introduce Your Kid to Graphic Design
Our world is inherently stylized by graphic designers, from t-shirts and logos to billboards, book covers, and packaging. A handful of the most famous graphic designers include Milton Glaser, creator of the iconic “I Love NY” branding; Massimo Vignelli, who...
Introducing Your Kids to Engineering
If you think about it, almost every human-made object or structure was designed and created by an engineer. The sidewalks we walk on, the elevators we ride, the phones we use, and even the air conditioning we enjoy were all...
Why Is It Important for Children to be Engaged Learners?
Engagement is ultimately the glue that keeps all aspects of student learning and growth together. Not only do engaged students make teaching more fun and rewarding, but it has been shown to have a critical impact on other students.  
Why is Writing Important for Students and Young Children
Writing is linked to everything we do, and along with reading, it is one of the most essential skills children learn. Plus, there is a myriad of benefits of teaching children to write. 
3 Fun Public Speaking Activities for Kids
Public speaking and debate are essential skills for kids to learn and master from a young age. These skills are used throughout a person’s academic and work life. Whether standing in front of a class to present a report or...