How our Program Lead Maggie got into Harvard College

My name is Maggie and I received admission to Harvard College primarily due to my outstanding academic and athletic talents. My German American identity as well as an expressed interest in wanting to pursue a career in the life sciences were additional factors that allowed me to be an even stronger contender when I applied. In the years leading up to my acceptance into Harvard, I did not only pursue excellent grades but also spent a majority of my time enhancing my athletic prowess as a varsity rower, building on my musical aspirations as a cellist, and giving back to my community as a volunteer for my local senior care facility. Ultimately, the combination of my exceptional talents, unique background, and interests is what led to my acceptance.

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Average Global Rank: #1
Acceptance Rate:
Average High School GPA: 4.18
ACT Composite Score (25th - 75th Percentile): 33-35
SAT Math Scores (25th - 75th Percentile): 740-800
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (25th - 75th Percentile): 720-780
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*Stats compiled directly from schools and other top resources. Done by us, so you don’t have to! Information last updated: January 2021

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