How our Program Lead Jane got into the University of Pennsylvania

Hi, I'm Jane and I go to the University of Pennsylvania! I think a lot of different things contributed to my acceptance at Penn, but if there's one thing that I would tell a student applying to colleges, it would be that standardized test scores aren't everything! Although testing was not my strong suit, I had a range of extracurricular activities, AP classes, and recommendations from teachers and mentors that I had built strong relationships with, and I think that all of those things contributed to the success of my college applications. Universities do not just look for academically ideal students. Colleges are also extremely interested in well-rounded candidates that have a wealth of different activities and experiences.

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Average Global Rank: #14
Acceptance Rate:
Average High School GPA: 3.90
ACT Composite Score (25th - 75th Percentile): 33-35
SAT Math Scores (25th - 75th Percentile): 740-800
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (25th - 75th Percentile): 700-760
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*Stats compiled directly from schools and other top resources. Done by us, so you don’t have to! Information last updated: September 2021

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