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Top 7 Kid's Podcasts for Your Kid to Listen to

Podcasts are a relatively new form of audio and video media that people can download or stream it to their computers, smartphones, or other devices. Podcasts originally began as a way to distribute radio shows over the internet but have since grown into a popular form of entertainment across many different genres.

Developing Self-Confidence Through Public Speaking
Having self-confidence is a valuable trait that will benefit your child in their scholastic and professional endeavors. While public speaking is one of the most common fears, it can be used as a tool to build lasting confidence and eradicate nervousness and doubt.
Why is Public Speaking Important for Students to Learn
Many of us have experienced an early school memory of getting up in front of the classroom to do a presentation or oral report only to freeze and forget everything that we had prepared. This is because we allowed our...
3 Fun Public Speaking Activities for Kids
Public speaking and debate are essential skills for kids to learn and master from a young age. These skills are used throughout a person’s academic and work life. Whether standing in front of a class to present a report or...