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Our Curriculum

We offer over 75 academic programs that are designed to meet the interests, abilities and needs of each student by providing a wide range of learning experiences. Our focus on skill-based and social-emotional learning sets us apart from other traditional curriculum and provides students with learning opportunities that are not commonly offered in schools.

With Ivy Camps USA, students are given the space to try new things, fail, learn, and grow with immense support from our team.


"Ivy Camps offered an interactive and highly engaging program for us ensuring that our students were motivated all the way through."

Michael Pazinas
Sandooq Al Watan, UAE

"The instructors are SO GOOD! He was shy at first and they really helped him come out of his shell."

Parent from the USA

"We appreciate the startup spirit from Ivy Camps USA. They're fast in decision making, they're agile, and very responsive. They provide great support to our operations in China."

Nicolas Labatut

"...It has indeed been a fun camp and I have gotten endless hugs and thank you’s from the girls because of it. So - thank YOU and the Program Leads for the fantastic work."

Parent from the UAE

"We very much like the engaging and educational curriculum and pedagogy as well as the chance for our community to interact and be inspired by Ivy League students."

Marion Henriot
Repton School, UAE
Ivy Camps USA

At Ivy Camps USA we are dedicated to providing high quality learning experiences and fun to students around the world.

Our talented team of instructors is made up of students who come from top US universities.

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