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所有课程为期 10 周,每周开会 1 次

Provide your students with Ivy Camps USA instructors and our high-quality enrichment programs via a virtual platform. The live and online format can be introduced year-round as an after-school or school break program.

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Bring Ivy Camps USA curriculum and training to your teachers and staff with our fully equipped licensing program. Run our programs in an after-school, holiday camp, or even year-round format at your facility.

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Introduce our unique camp experience at your school. Our instructors and directors come to your location to manage all programming and logistics, for a ready to run camp during seasonal school breaks.

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Online Private Classes for Kids

Become an Ivy Camps USA member by signing up for our weekly private classes!
1 day per week for 60 minutes | $199 per month






探索学生在在线课程中创建的 Ivy Camps USA 项目