Fantasy Sports - 10 Weeks

Fantasy Sports - 10 Weeks

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About this Class

Do you love sports? Are you interested in learning how fantasy sports work to transform what is played on the field into something played on the screen? Then this is the class for you! Using Excel/Google sheets and online sports tracking tools, students will participate in an immersive simulation of fantasy sports, that mirrors what is occurring in the real world! 

In this course, students will be participating in their own fantasy sports leaguesThey will be competing with classmates, and are even welcome to invite their parents and friends to compete against them! This fantasy sports platform and environment will be curated by Ivy Camps USA to teach students valuable skills along the way in a fun, safe, immersive, and competitive environment.

Students Will Learn 

  • Methods to utilize Excel/Google Sheets properly for basic calculations
  • The inner workings of fantasy sports, and how a game goes from the field to fantasy
  • How to utilize waivers and trades to design a top-performing fantasy team 
  • Definitions for key terms in the world of fantasy sports 
  • Mathematical concepts underlying the game, on-and-off the field 
  • Techniques for managing their own fantasy sports team 


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