Design Your World Using Minecraft & Lego - 10 Weeks

Design Your World Using Minecraft & Lego - 10 Weeks

This class is currently not available for purchase. To learn more about this subject in our current format, please visit this link.

About this Class

Do you love designing and building in Minecraft? Are you constantly designing structures with Lego pieces? If the answer to those questions is yes, then this is the class for you! Take your Lego skills, and Minecraft building talent, and combine them with a deep understanding of urban planning to design your ideal city in this unique class! 

All Ivy Camps USA classes have a final project that students work towards throughout their time in their class. By the end of this class, students will have created a physical and digital showcase of their new planning and architecture skills

Students will Learn 

  • Concepts of city planning, sustainability, essential infrastructure, the needs and wants of a community, and more!
  • Ways to create masterpieces block by block and learn the theory behind the design
  • How to make a schematic for their design and then bring it to life
  • Methods to turn their blocks into art 
  • Basic aesthetic and engineering principles
  • How to build their skills in areas such as creative thinking, spatial awareness, problem-solving, innovation, and design