Comic Book Creation - 10 Weeks

Comic Book Creation - 10 Weeks

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About this Class

Are you curious about what makes superheroes so powerful? Are you interested in writing the story of your own hero? If so, then this is the class for you! In this class, students will craft their own comic books. Students will have a chance to investigate these crime-fighting characters through a variety of educational lenses including science, art, social studies, and creative writing while developing their own story fit for a superhero! 

All Ivy Camps USA classes have a final project that students work towards throughout their time in their class. By the end of this class, students will incorporate all of their new understandings of superheroes and their powers into the creation of their own unique superhero and drawn/written comic book.

Students will Learn

  • The origins and development of some of the most iconic superheroes
  • Methods to create your own superhero comic book
  • Information about story elements such as setting, plot, and character development 
  • How to use images and text features to enhance both fictional and informational writing
  • How to build their skills in areas such as communication, social responsibility, creativity, and problem-solving

Class Logistics & Materials

Class Logistics:

  • All classes are held live and online, starting at the time chosen
  • Classes run 1x per week for 10 weeks
  • Classes will be held on the same day every week 
  • Each class meeting will be 90 minutes (1.5 hours) 
  • Classes will have 1-6 students per class
  • Students will be separated into groups by age
  • The curriculum for each course is written to meet the developmental needs of each age group
  • Classes are taught by our top instructors from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, & more!

Class Materials: pencil, pen, printed welcome packet, a small object (such as a Lego man, GI Joe, a marble), materials to build a plane (paper, tape, etc), a jar, water, coffee filter, coffee grounds, rubber band , and materials to build a superhero accessory (paper, old clothing, etc)




我们的课程团队由拥有顶尖大学高级学位的教育专业人士领导,包括哈佛大学,现任大学中学教育教授。 团队的资历确保我们的课程团队在教育领域的研究和进步中保持积极的作用, 不断利用他们在教育和营地行业 40 多年的经验








凯瑟琳 Y。


Father from Egypt

It was perfect and he was looking forward to class everyday!

Maryam M.
Mother from the USA

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