The Art of Trial, Error, and Innovation in Code - 5 Weeks

The Art of Trial, Error, and Innovation in Code

5 Weeks

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  • Are you interested in advancing your ability to solve problems and build code more efficiently? Then this course is for you!
  • In this course, students will:
    • Practice solving problems using the logic behind code
    • Understand how to work towards goals using the “if… then” structure commonly found in coding languages. Plus, examine what happens in cases of “else” where sequences become more complex
    • Examine successful code and understand what makes it successful
    • Become more comfortable with the process of trial, error, and innovation
  • Course Format: 
    • Each day of instruction will last 75 minutes (1.25 hours)
    • Each day of instruction will occur one time per week, beginning on the day chosen, on the same day for 5 weeks
    • The curriculum is designed for each age group and adjusted to the group's developmental level 
  • Skills Developed: problem solving, innovation, technology
  • Please note: students will not be coding while in this class. They will instead be viewing code, working through logic, and will develop an understanding of general coding functions that will help them solve problems more quickly and efficiently in their coding language of choice. 
  • Looking to continue to expand your coding background and logical reasoning skills? Check out our 15-week spring semester program "The Logic of Code" 






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