Public Speaking in Action: Present Like a Pro - 5 Weeks

Public Speaking in Action: Present Like a Pro - 5 Weeks

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  • Take your public speaking skills to the next level by becoming a master of presentations! Learn how to craft engaging presentations which help you deliver your message to your audience.
  • Course objectives:
    • Apply public speaking skills to deliver a speech on a subject of their choice
    • Learn the specific skills for creating engaging slideshow presentations
    • Create a presentation slideshow to support the delivery of their speech
    • Develop collaboration skills and growth mindset as they learn to craft and receive constructive feedback
    • Build confidence in speaking through practice and presentation strategies
  • Skills developed: Public speaking, presentation skills, addressing your audience/rhetorical devices, confidence, organization, time management, speeches, using notecards
  • By the end of class: Create a slideshow presentation to impress your audience.
  • Materials needed: Camptivity packet, pen/pencil, colored markers/crayons/colored pencils, laptop/iPad, email to utilize free Google slides account or Microsoft PowerPoint software
  • About the class: Classes meet once a week for five weeks. Each class meeting will last 75 minutes. Classes will have 1-6 students. 





团队的资历确保我们的课程团队在教育领域的研究和进步中保持积极的作用,不断利用他们在教育和营地行业 40 多年的经验




What Parents Are Saying


I was incredibly amazed with him being so engaged online!

Katherine Y.
Mother from the USA

It is an excellent offering because of the way kids are engaged with their instructors, it's very interactive, it's very hands on

Jeffrey A.
Father from Egypt

It was perfect and he was looking forward to class everyday!

Maryam M.
Mother from the USA

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