Foundations of Effective Public Speaking - 5 Weeks

Foundations of Effective Public Speaking

5 Weeks

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  • Interested in learning how to become a more effective public speaker? Then this may be the class for you! 
  • With the guidance of our Ivy League and other instructors from top 10 universities students will learn: 
    • What efficient body language looks like and what to do with the rest of the body while speaking
    • Methods for overcoming fears and anxieties about speaking in front of others
    • How to identify an audience and cater a speech to target them
    • Strategies for supporting arguments with strong sources and evidence 
    • Ways to pace a speech and the power of a pause 
  • Course Format: 
    • Each day of instruction will last 75 minutes (1.25 hours)
    • Each day of instruction will occur one time per week, beginning on the day chosen, on the same day for 5 weeks
    • The curriculum is designed for each age group and adjusted to the group's developmental level 
  • Skills Developed: communication, public speaking, confidence, creativity
  • Interested in learning more? Develop your Public Speaking skills further, explore debate, and craft a TED Talk through our 15-week spring program "Public Speaking & Debate".






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