Exploring Earth & Space - 10 Weeks

Exploring Earth & Space - 10 Weeks

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About this Class

Curious about how the Earth works and what lies beyond? Then this is the class for you! In this class, students will have the chance to explore the workings of our Earth and the planets beyond it. Through hands-on activities and active demonstrations, students will explore the universe. Students will also learn how about different natural extremes on Earth and beyond. 

 All Ivy Camps USA classes have a final project that students work towards throughout their time in their class. In this class, students will create their own fictional (but fact-based) planet. Students will also have a chance to showcase their newfound research skills and present their findings about Earth’s extremes. 

Students will Learn 

  • About different planets in the galaxy and their unique features
  • The characteristics that make Earth unique and sustainable to human life
  • What it is like to be an astronaut 
  • All about wild weather, such as extreme lightning, and how it can impact the Earth
  • How data is used by scientists to measure extremes in the environment
  • About extreme places around the globe, such as Antarctica
  • Skills for wilderness and extreme survival
  • Records that have been set around the globe, such as hottest, coldest, oldest, newest, etc.
  • How to build their skills in areas such as research, creative thinking, innovation, curiosity, scientific thinking, global awareness, and curiosity