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Young Scholars: Ages 2 - 5

Allow your students to develop critical skills and remain engaged at a young age through our Young Scholars program.

Critical Thinking with Engineering
Identify a problem in the world and think critically and creatively to develop a solution.

Imagination with Animals and Dinosaurs
Discover creatures past and present and learn what animals need to survive and thrive.

Investigation with Birds & Bugs
Produce a supportive habitat structure to promote biodiversity in your local area.

Reasoning with Letters and Numbers
Build your own alphabet and math games to explore letters and numbers.

Resilience with Space Exploration
Blast off into space discovery and create your own imaginary planet.

Teamwork with Crafts
Use teamwork to create a group craft project while discovering different cultures.

Perseverance with Music
Explore the joy that music can bring to our lives and participate in a musical talent show.

Junior Prep: Ages 6 - 14

Choose from a dropdown menu below to preview our program options for students ages 6-14

Acting for Stage & Media
Practice and perform scenes for a video production.

Film School Basics: Travel TV Show Creation
Engage in the complete production of a travel TV show.

Foundations of Effective Public Speaking
Deliver a speech at a virtual public speaking banquet.

How to Talk to Anyone
Complete a public speaking scavenger hunt to practice and apply new skills.

Launch Your Own Podcast
Create your own podcast with clear recording and new techniques.

Master the Art of Public Speaking
Participate in a series of speech and debate challenges.

Master YouTube Content Creation
Develop your own YouTube video and run a successful channel.

Present Like a Pro
Create a slideshow presentation to impress your audience.

Storytelling in Speech: TED Talks
Participate in a Ted talk created by the students.

Winning Debates
Use new skills to participate in a debate with your peers.

All About Teamwork: Building a Carnival
Plan a carnival and use management and operation skills to bring it to life.

Become a Stock Market Expert
Serve in the role of a financial advisor for a client and lead them to financial success.

Build Your Own Business
Create your own TV commercial to promote your new product.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for Kids: Technological Changes
Create a mock portfolio with your new learnings.

Design Your Brand: Marketing and Advertising
Build your own custom graphic and digital advertisement.

Growing Gold: Personal Finance for Kids
Take on the role of a treasure hunter in order to explore financial literacy concepts.

It’s Game Time: Decision-Making In Business & Life
Identify a problem in life and come to an informed solution through experimentation.

Take Charge! Leading as a CEO
Pitch your business in front of a mock investor to get them to believe in your ideas.

Design Cities with Legos
Build your own Lego city that demonstrates an understanding of urban planning.

Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle
Deliver a thoughtful solution to a real-world need.

Minecraft & Architecture: Turn Pixels into Castles
Draw out architectural designs and turn them into Minecraft buildings.

Physics Building Adventures
Build and test various structures, such as houses, zip-lines, catapults, and more!

Science of Motion and Machines
Create your own planes and boats and put them into action!

STEAM Discovery
Create a final project showcasing its applications to STEAM.

Super Mario and the World of Video Games
Design and create your own video game, using free online software.

Backyard Biology: Exploring Plants & Animals Around You
Create a map with all of the local wildlife discovered throughout this program.

Creatures of the Past: Dinosaurs and Friends
Create your own prehistoric creature story to show off what you learned.

Earth's Extremes
Create a presentation to share your knowledge of extreme weather and survival.

Exploring Animals Around the World
Create a presentation of animals you find most interesting around the world.

Ice, Water & Steam: How H2O Powers Life
Identify and solve a real-world problem related to water in our world.

Ivy Camps Olympics: The Science of Sports
Create your own game that can be played with others.

Smelly, Savvy Mammals
Create your own Mammal Museum exhibit that demonstrates your new knowledge!

Think Like a Scientist
Engage in an inquiry-based project and present your findings to an audience.

To Infinity and Beyond: Exploring Outer Space
Pretend to be an astronaut and design a planet.

Tour the Human Body
Conduct an experiment about body systems and present your findings.

Capture Your World through Photography
Share your photos in an Ivy Camps Photography Showcase!

Culture, Crafts, & Cooking Around the World
Share a craft and recipe from your family/community/country!

Discovering Superheroes through Comic Book Design
Create your own unique superhero and written comic book.

Fiction Writing
Write and digitally publish your very own short story.

Harry Potter: Beyond the Books
Design your own creative world and story inspired by Harry Potter.

Nonfiction Writing
Publish a piece of nonfiction writing, and share with your peers.

Strategy & Wonder: Tabletop Game Design
Design and create your own game for your peers to play.

Becoming a Leader
Plan and execute a camp-wide event, such as a talent show while learning about communication, organization, and event planning.

Exploring Leadership Styles
Create a presentation about a leader that you look up to.

Pre-University: Ages 14 - 18

Choose from a dropdown menu below to preview our program options for students ages 14-18

Public Health
Research a health related topic and create a PSA poster.

Communication + Journalism
Explore various types of media, and podcasting.

Computers + Information Technology
Design and present your own app.

Use your new knowledge to perform a run-through of a patient exam process.

Environmental Science
Participate in Citizen Science, and contribute data for scientific research.

Design a building and create a 3D CAD model.

Follow a case and participate in a mock trial.

General Engineering
Learn what engineers do in their jobs, through an interactive project.

Pitch your business in front of a mock investor to get them to believe in your idea.

Design + Marketing
Build your own custom graphic and digital advertisement.

Aerospace Engineering
Learn about the many ways to investigate and visit outer space.

Develop a deeper understanding of human behavior.

Learn about the different chemical concepts that are present in your everyday life!

Learn pedagogical (teaching) principles, and how to design meaningful lessons.

Leadership Communication
Learn how to effectively make informed decisions and communicate when in leadership positions.

Leadership Development
You will experience what it is like to be a leader through collaborative activities which explore the traits and mindset of a leader.

Life as a College Student
Map out future goals and career plans in order to explore and plan for major and minor selections. You will also explore ways to become involved on campus.

Writing Skills for College Success
Learn strategies to communicate with professors, build a resume, find and cite sources, and find ways to stand out in written expression.

Writing for University Admissions
Grow as an independent thinker, and develop your writing skills to craft a unique and compelling essay which showcases your strengths and achievements.

Standardized Testing Strategies
Learn proven test-taking techniques and strategies. Prepare for your test and advance your skills in reading, writing, math, & science!

Exploring Scholarships
Learn how to locate and complete scholarship applications, and learn effective techniques for scholarship essay writing.

Exploring Internships
Learn the best ways to maximize your internship experience. You will also learn how to demonstrate professionalism in the workplace.

Who am I? Public Speaking and the Art of Interviewing
Learn to understand your own strengths and how to market them in public speaking, written communication, and social media.

Planning Your Future: The Pre-Application Journey
This course helps you make the most of your high school years to create a powerful resume for university acceptance.

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