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Public Speaking & Debate

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  • Curious about the fundamentals of public speaking and its application in debate and other real-world situations? Looking to build your child's confidence speaking to others? Interested in building your child's ability to be a great orator? If so, then this course is for you! 
    • Comprehend structures of speeches and debates
    • Identify their audience and how to adjust a message to cater to a select audience 
    • Practice finding reliable sources and using them to research their topic 
    • Learn how to support your argument and address counterarguments
    • Understand the structure of an organized debate 
    • Learn how to be a respectful debate participant and active listener
  • This course will immerse students in the best practices for public speaking and debate. Utilizing real-world examples, students will be tasked with practicing their skills in a safe and comfortable space where they can grow their confidence and gain valuable experience. Students will also learn the nuances of communication skills and their application in everyday life. Overall, this course will help students develop skills in presentation and the confidence they need to approach real-life public speaking scenarios.
  • Course Format: 
    • Each day of instruction will last 75 minutes (1.25 hours) 
    • Each day of instruction will occur once per week, beginning on the day chosen, on the same day every week for 15 weeks
    • The curriculum is designed for each age group and adjusted to the group's developmental level
  • Final Project: students will put their newfound skills into action by delivering a series of speeches surrounding something they feel passionately about. They will also participate in a classroom debate guided by their instructor
  • Skills Developed: Public speaking, communication, global awareness

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The people here care so much about providing a fun and encouraging environment for all campers to learn, and develop, lifelong skills!

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Everyday the instructors make class engaging and satisfying.

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