Public Speaking in Action: How to Talk to Anyone - 5 Weeks

Public Speaking in Action: How to Talk to Anyone - 5 Weeks

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  • Do you want to learn to talk to anyone with confidence? Develop conversation skills that allow you to engage any audience on any topic! 
  • Course objectives:
    • Initiate, engage in, and conclude small talk by building situational awareness.
    • Build confidence in speaking to people of all backgrounds. 
    • Learn how to build relationships through conversation.
    • Explore how to navigate a conversation when disagreeing with someone. 
    • Communicate effectively and responsibly in a digital format (social media). 
    • Develop cultural and subcultural awareness when speaking. 
  • Skills developed: Confidence, active listening, speaking, questioning, awareness, curiosity, cultural awareness
  • By the end of class: Complete a public speaking scavenger hunt to practice and apply skills in multiple real-life settings.

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I was incredibly amazed with him being so engaged online!

Katherine Y.
Mother from the USA

It is an excellent offering because of the way kids are engaged with their instructors, it's very interactive, it's very hands on

Jeffrey A.
Father from Egypt

It was perfect and he was looking forward to class everyday!

Maryam M.
Mother from the USA

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