High School Mentorship

High School Mentorship

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High school is a very important time in your life. The choices that are made in high school can have a long-term impact on your academic and career future. It can be overwhelming sometimes to try to do it all on your own, which is why having a mentor is so important. Our mentors attend elite universities and are excited to share their passion for academic success. Students with mentors are more likely to have high academic achievement, be more involved in their community, and are ten times more likely to hold a leadership position. 

Each session is personalized to help the student meet their individual goals, lasts for 60 minutes, and is ideal for students early in their high school experience (grades 8-10). A minimum of 10 sessions is recommended for best results.

 In these sessions, you will work with a mentor to help navigate the challenges of high school by:

  • Understanding the Structure of High School (i.e. GPA, transcripts, credits, career pathways, etc.)
  • Time-Management and Organization
  • Goal Setting using SMART Goals
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Study Skills
  • Stress Management
  • National and International Competition support
  • Exploring Clubs, Extracurricular, Community service, and Internships
  • Engaging in strategic planning to ensure you make the most of your high school years.

Begin planning for success today! Throughout these sessions, parents, mentors, and students will work together to ensure the student has all of the support they need to reach their goals.

This mentorship track is a part of our larger Ivy Camps USA Application Success Journey

Meet some of our incredible tutors

Natalie L.

Natalie attends Yale University and studies Mathematics.

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Jason A.

Jason attends Dartmouth College and studies Politics & Psychology.

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Karen A.

Karen attends University of California, Berkeley and studies Computer Science.

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What Parents Are Saying

Big thanks to you and your great team!  They were super fantastic and really engaged my child and stretched her to make her best effort.

Angelina K. from Canada

After just a week, her confidence is on another level! Thanks so much for organizing everything!

Hazel G. from the USA