Become a Stock Market Expert Holiday Camp

1.25 Hours, 1 Week

Ages 6-14

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  • Discover the exciting world of Business Leadership through hands-on experiments, comprehensive instruction by Ivy League instructors, and the pursuit of original projects led by students!
  • Course objectives: 
    • Learn the basics of stock market investing, including risk and reward, buying and selling, as well as supply and demand
    • Explore the stock market, IPOs, and more
    • Participate in a simulation of buying and selling in the stock market 
  • Skills developed: Financial responsibility, managing money, critical thinking, making predictions, recording and analyzing data. 
  • By the end of the class: Your student will demonstrate their understanding of the stock market by serving in the role of a financial advisor for a client. Will they lead their client to financial success? 
  • Materials needed: Coloring materials, computer access for financial simulation, a gathering of either coins/marbles/colored chips/etc.
  • Camp Format: 
    • Classes of 1-6 students
    • Each day of instruction will last 1.25 hours (75 Minutes) 
    • Each week of instruction will occur live and online Sunday-Thursday or Monday-Friday (5 days in total)
    • Instructors all come from top US universities including Harvard, Yale, Brown, UPenn & more!
    • The curriculum is designed for each age group and adjusted to the group's developmental level (Age groups: 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14)


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