Becoming a CEO: Success in Finance & Leadership - 10 Weeks

Becoming a CEO: Success in Finance & Leadership - 10 Weeks

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About this Class

Do you dream of leading an organization one day? Are you interested in learning more about managing your personal finances? If so, then this is the class for you! In this class, students will participate in a series of activities designed to teach both leadership and basic financial skills. 

All Ivy Camps USA classes have a final project that students work towards throughout their time in their class. In this class, students will be working towards their own business pitch.

Students will Learn 

  • Skills to build a budget
  • Communication and leadership skills 
  • How to motivate others to follow them 
  • The basics of negotiation and dealmaking 
  • Methods for saving and investing
  • How to build their skills in areas such as leadership, research, global awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication

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