English Practice

Work with our top instructors to improve your student's English conversational fluency

This one-on-one tutoring option is a powerful way to improve your child's spoken English skills.

What We Teach

This tutoring option is a perfect way to improve your child's ability to express themselves and their ideas in spoken English. We focus on building conversational fluency and comfort with the language.

How It Works

Our tutors, who are trained in using English as a second language, will meet your child at their current English level and use engaging activities to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and confidence in speaking.

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is scheduled at a time of your convenience. After each session, our tutors will provide feedback on how your child performed in the session, what they learned/worked on, and how they can continue to improve. 

Conversational English Practice

Conversational English Practice

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