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The Logic of Code

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  • In today's world, an understanding of coding is key for many professions. The foundation of every coding language out there is a basic set of logic rules. If a student can gain a deep understanding of those foundational rules, learning each language becomes easier and writing code becomes exponentially faster
  • Each class will be guided by a top instructor from one of the top 10 universities in the United States that have been trained to work to ensure your student's success. 
  • In this course, through a series of puzzles, games, and guided logical exercises, students will learn exactly what they need to know in order to unlock the world of coding. 
  • Course Format: 
    • Each day of instruction will last 75 minutes (1.25 hours) 
    • Each day of instruction will occur once per week, beginning on the day chosen, on the same day every week for 15 weeks
    • The curriculum is designed for each age group and adjusted to the group's developmental level
  • Final Project: students will use their newfound logic skills to create a logic puzzle or exercise of their own to play with friends
  • Skills Developed: Critical thinking, problem-solving, technology, innovation 

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The people here care so much about providing a fun and encouraging environment for all campers to learn, and develop, lifelong skills!

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Everyday the instructors make class engaging and satisfying.

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