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  • Repton School hosts Ivy Camps USA, a premium American extracurricular provider with Ivy League teachers, this winter for three weeks of fun full-day educational camps for students 6-18 on the Repton Campus. Each week has a different theme. Read below for more details on the camps, teachers, and weekly themes for each age group.*
  • Camp Details:
    • In-person experience taking place at the Repton campus in Dubai
    • Instructors from Ivy League and other top 10 USA universities 
    • The camp will take place from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM daily 
  • Camp Format: 
    • Class time with a teacher on the assigned academic topic within the theme of the week
    • Fun, extracurricular activities that foster further learning of the theme and personal interaction with teachers
    • A final project for each weekly academic block theme
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    Programming for Ages 6-8 & 9-11

    Week of December 12: Produce and Star in Your Own Show

    Acting for Stage and Media:
    Students will have practiced and performed scenes for video production.
    Mastering YouTube Content Creation:
    Students will explore the exciting world of online content creation by collaborating with a team of other creative students to develop their own unique YouTube video and run a successful media channel.
    Film School Basics: Travel TV Show Creation:
    Students will engage in pre-production, production, and post-production of a travel TV show, utilizing writing, speaking, creativity, and technological skills

    Week of December 19: Expeditions around the universe

    To Infinity and Beyond: Exploring Outer Space:
    Students will pretend to be an astronaut and design a planet they discover, including its atmosphere and unique characteristics.
    Culture, Crafts, & Cooking Around the World:
    Students will share a craft and recipe from their family/community/country!
    Discovering Superheroes through Comic Book Design:
    Students will incorporate all their new understandings about superheroes and their powers into the creation of their own unique superhero and written comic book.

    Week of December 26: Building Your Business

    Build Your Own Business:
    Students will shoot their own TV commercial to promote their exciting product and attract new customers.
    Design Your Brand: Marketing & Advertising:
    Students will embark on a design exercise where they will build their own custom graphic and digital advertisement.
    Take Charge! Leading as a CEO:
    Students will have the opportunity to pitch their business in front of a mock investor to see if they can get them to believe in their ideas and planning.

    Programming for Ages 12-14

    Week of December 12: Science of Life

    Tour the Human Body:
    Each student will choose an experiment to try at home to learn more about body systems and will present it to the group on the final day of the program.
    Backyard Biology: Exploring Plants & Animals Around You:
    Students will have created a map on the iNaturalist app, including all the local wildlife that they've discovered.
    Ice Water & Steam: How H2O Powers Life:
    Students will use the engineering process to identify and solve a real-world problem related to water in our world.

    Week of December 19: Skills to Thrive in Life and Business

    It’s Game Time: Decision-Making in Life and Business:
    Students will use decision-making science to identify a problem or need in their life and come to an informed solution through experimentation.
    Growing Gold: Personal Finance for Kids:
    Students will take on the role of treasure hunters in order to explore financial literacy concepts. They must overcome obstacles along the map with hidden treasure.
    Teamwork & Operations: Building a Carnival:
    Students will plan a virtual carnival and use their management and operation skills to bring it to life (planning, budget, research, timelines, managing people, sales and outreach).

    Week of December 26: Building & Designing Adventures

    Physics Building Adventures:
    Students will construct and test various structures, such as houses, zip-lines, slides, bows, catapults, parachutes, and rafts.
    Strategy & Wonder: Tabletop Game Design:
    Students will ultimately design and create their own game for their camp-mates to play at the end of the course.
    Minecraft & Architecture: Turn Pixels into Castles:
    Students will have the ability to draw out architectural designs and translate them into Minecraft buildings.

    Programming for Ages 15-18

    Week of December 12: Exploring Careers in STEM

    Medical Diagnostic Detective:
    Students will develop a deeper understanding of the medical profession, an introduction to medical terminology and doctoral specializations, and a thorough run-through of a patient exam process.
    Architecture 3D Modelling:
    Students will learn about the field of Architecture. Through designing and creating a 3D CAD model of your building for a design bid, you will get a taste of what architects do in their jobs.
    Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle:
    Students will learn how to think creatively, collaborate, receive feedback, edit and change their work, and ultimately deliver a thoughtful solution to a real-world need.

    Week of December 19: Effective Leadership! Leading as a CEO

    Build Your Own Business:
    Students will shoot their own TV commercial to promote their exciting product and attract new customers.
    Become a Stock Market Expert:
    Students will demonstrate their understanding of the stock market by serving in the role of a financial advisor for a client. Will they lead their client to financial success?
    Take Charge as the Next CEO!:
    Students will compete in a mini-case simulation, in which you will be able to display your new leadership communication skills to business professionals.

    Week of December 26: Effective Communication for the Professional World

    Who Am I? Public Speaking and the Art of Interviewing:
    Students will create and present a TED Talk, highlighting your strengths and skillsets. You will know how to market your professional self in verbal, written, and other settings.
    Communication & Journalism:
    Students will explore various types of media, strategies for effective written and oral expression, and potential jobs in this field. As well as Podcasting, the new frontier of communication and journalism!
    Design Your Brand: Marketing & Advertising:
    Students will embark on a design exercise where they will build their own custom graphic and digital advertisement.

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