Academic Tutoring

Work with our top instructors to improve grades or gain a better understanding of any academic subject

This tutoring option is great for when your child is struggling in school with a specific topic or when your child could use support in completing their homework.

What We Teach

We provide tutoring to assist your child in any subject that they may encounter in school. Some examples of previous tutoring subjects include:

➜ Fractions and algebra

➜ Spanish grammar

➜ Creative writing 

➜ Public speaking, spelling, and use of commas

➜ Biology

How It Works

Our tutors are hand-selected to best fit your child's needs. They have the ability to work with your child in just one subject, and also have the versatility to support your child in improving their school performance overall. 

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is scheduled at a time of your convenience. After each session, our tutors will provide feedback on how your child performed in the session, what they learned/worked on, and how they can continue to improve. 

Academic & Homework Help for Ages 6-14

Academic & Homework Help for Ages 6-14

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