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Accelerated Skill Development

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Give your child a platform to develop meaningful skills beyond the classroom!

By working one-on-one with a tutor, your child can take their passions and turn them into tangible skill-development. It all starts with evaluating what your student’s passions are, such as Youtube, Minecraft, coding, or dinosaurs, and then digging into the academic roots to springboard into accelerated learning. Students and tutors will research, design, and explore the chosen topic together.

This cutting-edge tutoring track combines philosophies of incorporating play into learning and analogous-learning concepts to help your student accelerate their skills in their topic of choice.

Our instructors:

  • are individually selected according to the needs of your child
  • are students of top 10 US universities
  • will create learning materials based on the needs of your child, and help them reignite their passion for learning
  • will incorporate fun into learning for optimal results.

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