Physics Building Adventures

5 Weeks

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  • Let your camper save the day while using skills from science, math, technology, and engineering!
  • Course objectives:
    • Explore concepts of architectural design, friction, force, gravity, and density while problem-solving challenges presented from traditional fairytale literature
    • Apply the arts by coming up with an exciting way to twist the end of each fairytale through creative methods
  • Skills developed: Basic physics principles, literacy, creativity, problem solving, engineering and innovation. 
  • By the end of the class: Students will construct and test various structures, such as houses, zip-lines, slides, bows, catapults, parachutes, and rafts.
  • Materials needed: Household items will be required to complete this class such as pencils, paper, straws, and yarn. 
  • About the class: Classes meet once a week for five weeks. Each class meeting will last 75 minutes.  Classes will have 1-6 students.
  • Discover innovative solutions and explore problem-solving further through our 15 week spring semester program "Practical Applications in Problem Solving: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics".

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It has indeed been a fun camp and I have gotten endless hugs and thank you’s from the girls because of it. So - thank YOU and the Program Leads for the fantastic work!

Sara A., Mother from the UAE

He was jumping around in excitement and thanking me for this opportunity! I’m baffled because he is tough to please. He’s waiting eagerly for tomorrow!

Rawan W., Mother from Kuwait